My Maygan upholstery

The saddlery has been designed for the rider's comfort, while adjusting to the horse's silhouette. The unique designs of the saddles as well as the other equipment available offer you multiple choices that will suit you. We offer quality products at competitive prices. Saddles and riding accessories, with a 100% Canadian design,
are designed using English pommels and French leathers.

Superior quality, Canadian design.

Mégane, founder and rider.

Company logo

The logo was chosen based on how I perceive myself; the creator, the simplistic artist and the go-getter. The logo will then be created from a mixture of my personality aspects. “MAYGAN” gives an appearance that is both modern and sober, while keeping the simplicity of the aesthetic in addition to recalling my name, Mégane Lasalle.

The MAYGAN saddle

MAYGAN saddles feature trees made in England. The superior quality of these trees provides durability and comfort qualifying among the best equipment on the market.

In addition, the ergonomics of the panels approved and verified by myself, allow a better fit for the rider, while allowing the best possible mobility for the horse.

: PLASTAZOTE PER29-10N polyethylene foam plate, density 29Kg/m3. PLASTAZOTE brand foams are closed-cell reticulated foams based on nitrogen-expanded polyethylene. We distribute this material in the form of plates measuring 2000x1000 mm, thicknesses ranging from 5 mm to 100 mm in increments of 5 mm. Their closed cells make these foams waterproof; they do not absorb liquids. They are also very resistant to products derived from hydrocarbons, greases, solvents and sea water. PLASTAZOTE foam sheets can be transformed by thermoforming, sawing, machining or by simple cutting with a cutter into simple or complex shapes.

These saddles are also customizable, so you can find the saddle that suits your taste.

The leather

Angel leather is the soft leather for lining harness parts. The full Angel hide is an unpressed, uncorrected, full grain saddle leather with visible grain. This leather benefits from an aniline finish which retains the natural appearance of the leather. It has a translucent color and is sublimated thanks to velvet-tinted flesh. This leather benefits from an exceptional loan. It is a mineral tanned leather. It is distinguished by its strong flexibility, giving it a silky touch throughout its lifespan, even under high tension. Passing the hand over the flower is comfortable thanks to its grip, a grip to the touch. He will be able to perfectly absorb any food throughout his life.

Angel whole skins come from targeted breeding of beef or bulls originating in France or Germany. To ensure the quality of the leather linked to its production, a leather traceability process has been set up within the Radermecker tannery. The leathers are thus marked 3 times with 3 identifiers at each stage: upon receipt of the skins, which allows traceability of the origin of the skins; during the tanning process; during the finishing process.


An artisanal tannery and eco-responsible leather

The eco-responsible approach of Tannerie Radermecker

Our eco-responsible approach is one of the primary objectives of Tannerie Radermecker, by purchasing its leather from targeted farms, working it in a natural way with a modernized production tool during our move in 2020 and by treating its waste rejects. biological way.

RADERMECKER and TANNERIE GAL are our leather suppliers.

This new feature is now available since 2021.

My Maygan upholstery.

My MAYGAN saddlery has been a high-end riding products company since 2017. Quality and ergonomics are two priorities for the brand.

The founder/creator Mégane conceptualizes the equipment so that the horse is as comfortable as possible and as free in its movements.

The saddles offer perfect stability for the rider, without hindering the natural movement of the rider-horse couple.


I am in love with my saddle!
Great experience on the service side and on the saddle side, quality leather, offers stability and super comfort for the horse! 🤩

Doriane Larouche

I recommend this saddlery to everyone. The quality of the leather is excellent and the comfort of the horse and rider comes first. And if we talk about the design, it is more than original but still remains simple and classic. I have never felt my mare so well as on a Mayan saddle. The customer service is impeccable and the value for money is perfect.

Océane Pedneault

I knew Maygan before opening this saddlery and I already knew that he was a trustworthy person!
I followed what she did from the beginning and asked a lot of questions. An open-minded entrepreneur who listens to us.

I now have 2 Bridles, 2 Straps and a Maygan martingale and I am very satisfied with the quality of the products.

Thank you for your fabulous service :)

Jessika Brouillette



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