EQuick eLight Christmas edition

EQuick eLight Christmas edition

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Front and rear horse boots with soft and comfortable fluffy lining. Reinforced TPU shell with exclusive treatment. don't miss the chance to be unique and add a touch of style with our glitter collection. Equipped with two elastic straps and double velcro.

  • Premium appearance
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for Christmas time or to be unique

  • Washing Tips

    eLight front are machine washable

    You can wash them easily with a gentle soap at 30°C

    Do not put them into the dryer

    • Size Chart

      Measure the circumference of your horse's leg to find the most correct size. Please note that each horse is different and our chart is intended just to give you a guide. All are approximate measurements and remember that boot fit is adjustable with pins or velcro straps.

      Small (pony) Medium (cob) Large (full)
      17/19cm 20/24 cm 24/+ cm

      More generally for a horse with an height: - less then 158 cm = Small (small and ponies) - between 158 cm and 172 cm = Medium (cob) - more then 173 cm = Large (full)